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In addition to progressive info like sold prices, history, open houses, etc., we publish emojis with AI-driven insight. Way beyond beds, baths, and pretty pictures, our buyers filter by "good values", "hot floor plans", "rehab targets", "equity risks", "best natural light", "top views", on, and on. Now that's power!

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Our secret sauce includes a clever mix of tech and talented local agents ready to deliver. Savvy home buyers like you, glide through the process to closing and get up to 20% of the buyer’s agent commission at closing.

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There’s no catch and no hidden fees. You’ll receive full-service support from search to offer to close and get your refund.

Other agents use a lot of resources marketing and manually crunching data. Our refund model works because of the savings created by empowering you and streamlining your experience.

When ready, tap the make an offer button and respond to the simple prompts. Don’t worry, submitting the terms will NOT be legally binding. Start the process here to organize and connect with one of our top agents for an offer consult. We’ll be ready to move as fast as you need or as slow as you like.

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