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We're pioneering a huge leap in home buying with the power of AI, on-demand local agents, and a large cash refund.


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Set up a search and let our LeapAI™ be your no-hassle guide 24/7. Our only motivation is to make your buying experience simple and rewarding.


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Just getting started? Already found The One? We’ll connect you to a top local pro when ready.


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Savvy home buyers like you, glide through the process and get up to 20% of the buyer’s agent commission at closing.

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Found one you really like? Tap the button on the property page to get insider info, you'll get the most complete info available and a local pro to answer your follow up questions.

Online, real-time, work at your pace

Once you have identified your “favorites” online, you are ready to tour. Just tap the "schedule a tour" button and we’ll connect you with a top local agent who will meet on your schedule at the property.

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Make an offer here when ready. With a few taps on your device, you can populate listing details, see your suggested closing schedule and edit key terms. Don’t worry, this will not be legally binding. It will create your offer and pair you with a top local agent. Time is of the essence! Your agent will quickly contact you to review info, answer questions, finalize the offer, and start negotiating on your behalf.

Make an offer online, anytime

Our negotiating pros focus on details that reduce your risk, save you money, and get your home.

Follow the closing schedule & get your cash refund!

While you savor the moment the seller accepts your offer, your agent will shift gears and provide important dates & tasks to close successfully. They’ll help you find inspectors, negotiate requests for repairs & more.

Get your new home and a cash rebate

You’ll always be in the loop and know what to expect until closing. Closing day means you get the keys to your new home and get your cash!

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Never did I feel like I was getting short-changed on service or assistance and still got that big refund. They were always there to help.

Angela S.

Very well done and easy to use site! Took a lot of the guesswork out of looking for a home. So much simpler and faster than my previous purchases.

Michael H.

In one word, I felt “empowered.” I could find tons of information by myself, and when I was ready to move forward, they helped me all the way. And the best part, they saved me so much money!

Meredith S.

Honestly, the smartest and easiest way to search for and buy a home.

Aurora B.

I could have saved over $1,500 and 2 weeks of time and due diligence effort if I had seen this listing on Houseleap before making an offer.

Stephen R.