Our AI works while traditional agents are fast asleep


Leap AI™ algorithms deliver real-time top agent insight for every listing, 24/7

Throughout our web app, we publish emojis to organize insight so powerful you’ll never go back. You’ll feel like a personal team of experts are guiding your search whenever, wherever.

We crunch the information so you don't have to. 

Our AI crunches information so you don't have to

You'll get actionable info right at your fingertips

Imagine if your current 3 bed, 2 bath, good schools, online search could also filter good value remodels on quiet streets worry-free of asbestos and lead paintOur Leap AI filters are that powerful!

Edit your search to "show" or "hide" any combo of these next-level filters. 

Actionable info at your fingertips

Lifestyle search: This is about happiness

We'll customize your search experience based on who YOU are as a buyer. For example, we call buyers targeting good schools and safe places for kids, “Nesters.” Not a Nester? 

Select a profile in your Houseleap account and LeapAI™ will adapt. Which one best fits you? 


LeapAI™ is a key piece of our clever mix of technology and talented agents focused specifically on your home buying needs.

Gain confidence, save time, and save money by getting up to 20% of your buyer’s agent commission!